Help Me With My Why (And Get A Free Bonus)

  • There are days running this business where I feel like what I’m doing is useless.

    That I’m useless.

    I look at the projects I’m creating and I look at them as if they were the worst thing in the world. As if they’re hurting people, as if I’m hurting people.

    So I procrastinate – I go on Facebook, post a couple of things, respond to some emails, and then end up on Facebook again.

    And then I question myself and my motives:

    Why am I doing this?
    Is my knowledge even helping anybody?
    Am I worthless?

    From my experience, the answers are something I constantly think about. And some days the answers are positive, and some days the answers are negatives.

    A lot of times, the negativity gets to me. I’ll get hate mail, telling me that my articles are pieces of shit and that I should go kill myself.

    But then right after,  I’ll get a long email asking for help because my articles resonated so well with them and they want more.

    It’s a mindfuck.

    I get lost in my own mind of knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, and I question if I should continue to coach men and continue to write articles.

    The answer always come back to the same thing: YES. Even when all the negativity comes in.

    I love helping other guys improve their lives, improve their relationships, improve their minds.

    I love creating articles and connecting with other people who are actively changing the world.

    It is awesome and I wouldn’t change it for the world. And hearing from you guys who’s lives I’ve changed already tells me that it’s worth it.

    But the more I spread my material out into the Internets, a lot more negativity comes in…and it puts a hamper on my ability to really create well and serve you completely.

    But I know there’s no such thing as shadows – only an absence of light.

    So I’ve come to see that these days where my creation lacks is when I forget about my Why and the reality of the impact I’ve had on others.

    It’s not that I’m not creating useful material – In fact, I love doing this. I love talking about improving our lives as men and coaching guys in areas where I’ve had trouble in the past.

    It just seems difficult when I’m lacking that positive support that I pretend I don’t need.

    So to get this aspect more clear in my head and to increase my motivation for helping you…I want to hear my impact on you directly from, well, YOU!

    Here’s what I need you to do:

    Leave a comment on this article with how you’re life has improved from reading my articles.

    Have you learned anything new?

    How has your life changed?

    What is it about my site that resonates with you?

    What do you like?

    As an incentive to help me see the change I’m making, I’m going to give the best commenter a no-strings-attached, 2-hour conversation (valued at $250) to help break through any problems that you’re having — with women, with your social life, with work, with your health, with whatever you want to talk about.

    The reason I’m doing this is

    1) to see HOW I’m affecting you guys (and gals), and

    2) to get motivated to keep on going. I have some amazing things in the works, and I could use the extra push to get there.

    So what do you say, will you help me out?

    Leave a comment below and let me know. I’ll pick the winner by Friday, November 1st for the free coaching experience.

    Rock on,



    November 1st: The contest is now closed. You’ll hear from me soon if you were picked for the coaching call.

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    October 30th, 2013 | Max Nachamkin | 5 Comments |

About The Author

Max Nachamkin

Max Nachamkin

My name is Max Nachamkin. My mission is to help you master the core three aspects of your life: your career, your health, and your relationships. I want you to conquer your own world and become the leader of your life.

  • Kevin Cole

    Hey Max, solid idea for a contest. I’d like to throw my hat in the ring.

    As you already know, I haven been digging into your content for a little while now. I found you from The Raw Truth About Entrepreneurship which blew me away.

    One thing you said in that show resonated with so deeply and answered a question I had been struggling with in my own life. It’s the idea that direction is better than purpose. I know purpose is great but it can be damn hard to figure it out. So instead of waiting all day for your purpose to fall from the skies, you can have direction and take some forward action to make your purpose come to life. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for awhile now and it totally validated my thinking.

    As I’ve started to dig further into your content I’ve also adopted the idea of being a good guy – not a nice guy, cocky guy, etc. This is something I struggled with as the world of pick-up doesn’t have a name for it. I was going around doing what I felt was right when it comes to socializing and women but it was always slightly off from what the pick-up world was teaching. It all came down to my line of thinking and that I was just being a normal dude who was confidently being myself. Now I have a label for it and it’s helping me make sense of it all.

    Totally unrelated to the contest but I know exactly what you mean about being confused as shit. My blog gets hate mail here and there and it can definitely throw you off. But I also get mail from people saying how bad ass my work is. It’s definitely a mind fuck, but I always like to remind myself that if no one is pissed off, I’m not doing something right.

    Awesome contest man. Keep rocking it.

    • Max Nachamkin

      Hey Kevin, thanks for sharing that you’ve been developing your purpose. I agree – ‘Direction’ is a better word for it.

      And I’m glad that the Good Guy message resonates with you, as it does for me too. The fact that we don’t have to be assholes to be attractive means everything — in fact, being that ‘good guy’ IS the most attractive quality.

      Anyways, I appreciate the time you took to write this all down and help me with my motivation. Thanks dude!

  • ammar

    Hey max,

    Your Egyptian friend here. Never doubt yourself. And remember: If you don’t have any haters then you’re doing something wrong. I have learnt many things from you. I began “giving chocolate” to people on a daily basis and this has completely transformed my days into better one. I now have a completely new outlook to life. I’ve also begun pushing my self out of my comfort zone and learnt to avoid becoming a social robot.

    I think the thing i like the most about you is that you never give up on your personal development journey. You are constantly experimenting and trying new things (trial and error) until you find what works best for you. And you are kind enough to share it with your fans!

    Never give up.


    • Max Nachamkin

      Hey Ammar,

      Thanks for the kind words brotha. I love that you’re giving chocolate – awesome, right?

      And true dat. Inspiring.

      Keep up the good work!


  • Ben

    Hey dude. I’m late to the party and I’ve never commented on here. Just wanted to let ya know that over the past month or so since I found your site (from /r/socialskills) that it has helped me heaps! I love the podcasts. Really inspirational stuff.

    Started meditating and taking charge of my life, doing things that I can do now to improve my situation instead of dwelling on problems or possibilities that I’m powerless to change. Habit-forming, dude. That’s what it’s all about. Making good habits and developing skills (akin to what you talked about in your body language guide) to have a more enjoyable life that aligns with my values.

    So, yeah, thanks for what you do Max and keep doing it! I’m on board!